“RETHINK” by Jun Ye-Jin 

 “Present time” is centralized on my whole work. My paintings are inspired by collecting and interpreting someone’s moment. 

I used to neglect the present given to me now buried in anxiety about the uncertain future. I would have also regret constantly reflecting on the past. 

After overcoming this, I redirected a life attitude empathizing on the present I live in, rather than regretting the past or worrying about the future that has not yet come. 

I hope RE:ART shows our core value of what I would like to visualize in my painting, the cozy moments of the human in nature. 

I hope the "presence" of individuals in my artwork can connect smoothly to the perspective of APRVD’s environmental mission so that it visualizes the values we stand for, “being sustainable” rather than just an art- collaborative aesthetic sense. 

This project is very meaningful for me in terms of the creative process, encompassing the collaborative practice for sustainability from both, the art and fashion. 

I would call for all designers to impose the new rules, rethink, encourage people to have better practice in their business in consideration of sustainability for nature who inhabit us with us.